Saturday, July 18, 2015

Prey Orbits

It scares me like hell to even think about it.
This feeling, whatever this is,
Makes me do things, feel things, think things.
Things without certainty.

Two years is a long time,
With a thousand miles in between.
A lot of things can happen
And there's nothing I can do but wait.

I do not know how this will turn up.
I do not know if you will ever come back.
But if there's one thing I know,
It's that, you are all worth it.

Monday, May 28, 2012


And you know what, I've always seen myself as Christina Yang. A self-absorbed workaholic bitch who always thinks that she's right. That she has to be right. Lives at the hospital to get the best cases and wouldn't settle for being second best. A strong person who seldomly cries and when she does, it's because she is in deep pain and sadness. And that happens almost next to never.

But I was wrong. I was Son-of-a-bitch wrong. 

Because today, I am Meredith Grey. Seriously? Seriously.

I am living in a McWorld with my own McDreamy in it. Here comes the McWife, (or should I say McBoyfriend) and everything gets McMessed up. There's this McDivorce goin on with the elevator thing and a whole lot of McLies.

And yes, just like that, everything that he says, I fall in love McFreakin over and over again.

Yes, I am Meredith Grey. And just like her, I know I am gonna get my own McHappy ending. My own Post-It wedding.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Survival MODE

Wilhelmina Slater (Editor-in-Chief of MODE Magazine) and Betty Suarez (the ex-assistant to Daniel Meade, just got recently promoted as Features Editor) having a conversation at the Meade Publications steam room.

Wilhelmina: Already enjoying the perks, I see?

Betty: Oh! Hello Wilhelmina. It's been uh, a rough day.

Wilhelmina: I hope you're not expecting a pep talk.

Betty: No, no, Oh God, no.

Wilhelmina: Good.

Betty: Uhm, being an editor, It's more complicated than I imagined.

Wilhelmina: Are we really gonna do this? Wake up and smell the aromatherapy, Betty. Being an assistant is bootcamp. Being an editor is war. You have your allies, you have your enemies. Oftentimes you can't tell which is which.

Betty: Sorta feels like I have more enemies than allies right now.

Wilhelmina: (Smiled and made a short chuckle) Yes you do. Oh and by the way, malaria? Really? Like I'd ever put disease written by poor people in the pages of this magazine.

Betty: How did you know about that?

Wilhelmina: I know everything.

Betty: Oh, (paused) how does one survive?

Wilhelmina: You look after yourself. If it means screwing over everyone else, so be it. (Stands up)

Betty: What if you're not that kind of a person?

Wilhelmina: Well then, you change. Or you'll be eaten alive.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Napanood mo ba yung movie na "The Butterfly Effect"?
Yung bumabalik si Ashton Kutcher sa nakaraan
Tapos babaguhin nya yung gusto nyang baguhin, itatama nya.
Pero pagbalik nya sa present time, maiiba din.
Tapos manginginig sya at dudugo ang ilong.

Ilang beses na ba natin hiniling na "sana makabalik ako nung... para itama ang ..."
Na sana hindi na lang nangyari yung ganito
Mas mabuti sana kung ito yung pinili ko
Dapat pala nakinig ako sa kanya 
Ano kaya ang naging buhay ko kung ganito yung ginawa ko?
Yung mga ganung factor.
Sabi nga dun sa pelikula
Change one thing. Change everything.

Just Wondering.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Isang rason kung bakit tayo nagpapatuloy at nananatili na gawin ang isang bagay ay ang mga sarili nating dahilan.
Kasi masaya.
Kasi masarap.
Kasi madali.
Kasi maayos.
Kasi mahal ko sya.

Pero ang pinaka-olats sa lahat, yung ginagawa mo ang isang bagay na hindi mo alam kung para saan.
Maski wala ng dahilan.
Maski wala ng rason.
Pero nanatili at nagpatuloy ka pa rin.

Para kang nakipag truth or dare
Pinaikot ang bote
Sa iyo tumapat.
Pinili mo ang dare kasi ayaw mong malaman nila kung sino ang crush mo.
Inutusan kang tumalon sa building.
At sumunod ka naman.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Thus the curtain closes on another tale,
An eternity has passed.
Fleeting dreams fall into the distance...
All that is left now is me and my memories

But I'm sure we'll meet again,
Someday, You and I
Another place, another time
It's just that we might not realize that you are you and I am me

Let us open the door to the great unknown,
Come across another reality and live another today...
Even when the story has been told,
Life goes on..

Friday, February 18, 2011

Hey Mean Girl

How are you? I noticed you've changed. A lot, actually.

You've been flirting a little more than usual even when you're on a date.
Complaining about your job and how exhausting it is while others struggle to get one.
Breaking hearts here and there.
Forgiveness seems a very hard thing for you to give away lately.
It looks like money is all that matters to you now.
How you look, how people are gonna see you, what they're gonna say.
You smile when others compliment you.
You think about those things pretty much all the time.
Loud music, drinking on an empty stomach, dancing.
That's your thing, I get it.
It seems like a very nice escape.
Especially when you're covering something up - your loneliness.

But hey, mean girl, never forget who you are.
How many friends you have, how many people like you because you're just... you.
How simple and funny you are even without the expensive things you buy.
That's how you earned your friends. By being who you are.
And yes, you may have been played and fooled and hurt by some guys.
But never make that a reason to become evil and to hate.
There's someone out there.
You two just haven't met yet.
Keep that in mind.

You know what, you might want to take a break.
Look away from those blinding lights.
Stop being a Regina George, her hair color wouldn't match your skin tone.
Forget about that LV bag you want, and start paying your credit card down.
Turn the music volume down and listen to your friends.

Time to get your feet back on the ground, missy.