Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday, September 3, 2010


** If there's one wish that you would be given the chance to ask for, what would it be? Not that you would also be given the certainty that it would be granted, but just the chance to ask for it. Would you jump on it even if at the back of your head you're thinking "what for? I wouldn't be sure to get it anyway."

** Was there ever a chance that you have liked something or someone so much - the kind of like that would get you bitten crazy it creates flutters in your tummy - and did nothing about it out of fear?

** You closed your eyes and trusted. You thought that it was it. Gave yourself so much faith you had to leap just to be able to do so. Indestructible for a moment, may also take quite a while. Your eyes were closed when you gave it, and now you're thinking what is it going to be like when you open them because for the longest time you have been seeing nothing, just feeling.

** Something happens. It gave you the high. You now adapt, change, grow, whatever else. It is making you think and feel it would be permanent. Then that something suddenly and unexpectedly becomes over and had to walk out, go. You are now being forced to unlearn. And everything else now seems so hard to live by from then and there on.

** What if the world was made of thin hard glass? Everytime you touch it, it gives you answers more reliable than what google does. Easy, ain't it? But it would surely be not worth it.