Friday, August 20, 2010


Three things that I always keep in mind:

(a) There are so many things nowadays that will give you a quick fix - coffee, Advil, booze, etc. But for me, two things will surely make you okay and stay that way for the longest time possible. Friends and a clean conscience.

(b) Traffic, sometimes, is a blessing in disguise. It allows you to stare blankly at those lights, and just breathe.

(c) Shit happens. Problems arise. People leave. We get hurt. There are so many things that we may complain and bitch about every damn day, but just being alive is one hell of a thing to be thankful for. And we should never forget that.


Friday, August 13, 2010


It's been a while, eh? Geez, the last blog that I've posted was dated February. Haha. It's time for a new one, I say.
What has happened between the last blog and this new one? Much? I dunno. I had a relationship with someone, swamped myself with work, fought with my dad for the nth time, wasted money, time, blah.
Ummm, I dunno what else to put on here or where to start to make this journal sound decent. Maybe I should just put in whatever butts in my mind. Ahh, what about my recent post in facebook? Heehee.
See, I've been going round in circles, but I am somehow managing to make myself survive from all the stress and emotions I have been going through lately. I don't want this journal to sound mushy and all, but, yeah, I went through fry just recently.

Alright, this is what I have in mind right now:
  • Juris' song "Di Lang Ikaw"
  • Would I look hot if I wore glasses?
  • Coffee date with Hazel later tonight
  • What gift would Santa give me for Christmas?
  • Are dolphins just gay sharks?
  • Does God hate poor people that's why tornadoes always hit trailer parks?
Told 'ya I am in doom.