Friday, November 26, 2010

Giving Thanks

As my Facebook status says:

If  there's one thing that I learned from what happened, it's that God was just showing me all the friends He gave me.

'Tis Thanksgiving after all, so I might as well say thanks to the people, whom in my dark and twisted days, have extended their hands and never asked for the juicy details. They just knew how to become a friend to a friend.

I may call some of them kapatid, mars, pards, manong, TM, J, Bie, Ms, bek, badet, whatever else. It just sums up to one thing. Friends.

Thank you!

Friday, November 5, 2010


Whenever I am dead bored, it's either I surf the Internet and Google up whatever pops in my mind, or I buy some DVDs and do a marathon of it. Since I am injured and I have so many time home alone, I decided to re-run my copy of Queer as Folk (a gay-themed American series).

I remember when I bought this copy a few years back, it was the time when I just told my parents that I was gay. I was already hearing about this series from some gay friends that I knew from the Internet (since I was never really out before I did) and I got curious why this title seemed so popular.

Before I came out to my parents, I never really told anyone about me liking boys. Sure, I can sense some friends and schoolmates thinking of me being like that, whispering about me, and find myself eluding whenever the topic is being brought up. Being gay is one thing, and living a gay life is a lot of things.

So, going back, I inserted the CD to the player, and...

There was an abundance of hot sex scenes, gorgeous male bodies, dancing, and more dancing. But as each episode go after the other, richness in color of each character starts to blend with the others. And I must say, as a gay man who can relate to this series, it'll start to paint you with the colors of the rainbow as well.

Not only this series focused on being gay as a person. It also gave emphasis on the social and political issues concerning the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans gender) community, as well as the things and circumstances that are enclosed on being such.

Each character on this show has their own shares on how to give life to the colorful (and sometimes unimaginable) circumstances that could happen to a person of the third sex.
Whether you're a gay man hiding in the closet, a bisexual male sneaking around and watching cute boys when your girlfriend is not looking, a cross-dresser, a lesbian couple, a mother with a gay son, this series will give you the courage to accept yourself or the people whom you least thought was gay, make you proud of yourself, and embrace who you really are.