Friday, December 3, 2010

Blink Blink

I dunno why, but Christmas Season gets me uplifted. Seems like a hundred and fifty percent boost in my mood, making me worry-free and all. What is this, a fetish, perversion, whatever? It has got something to do with the Christmas lights and huge decors that I see. Add to that the cold weather even on afternoons. Sarap. Past three years, I've been used to spending the Holidays at work, petiks lang because there's not much calls coming in. But this year, I got lucky to have the 24th and the 25th, plus the 31st and the 1st as my rest days. Yun nga lang, I kind of think it as sayang not to work during those days because of  the holiday premiums, but it's okay, I kind of miss it staying at home and spend it with family.

It has been my kind-of-tradition to on-purposely gain weight during the holidays, extend it until February and just eat. But we will see this time. I am working out lately and been conscious about my figure (naks). Speaking of "we will see this time", I know that things have rapidly changed around me in the past 2 years. It includes my way of relating to people, handling sort of  things, and all. So we will see this time what resolutions I am going to make and which ones I am going to break. Haha!

But hey, even if I know that I am short on budget and I am still going to buy gifts for friends and family, inaanaks as well, I see that I am going to be just fine knowing that these people put smile on my face.

It's Christmas so better yet be jolly!

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