Monday, January 10, 2011

It Was You

When you invited me to go out on a date, I said yes.
I remember how cold the coffee has gotten before I arrived.
And when you smiled,
it changed everything.
Because from there and then on, I felt butterflies.
I fell for the sweet words and kind gestures,
I can even say that I felt love in that instant.
We were high, nothing else existed but us.
It's as if we were drowning with the strong feeling,
and not fighting back.

Yes, it was perfect. It was very beautiful
but only for a moment.

It seemed to us that it was going to last forever.
Or at least for me, it did.
Because, like, every dream, it had to end.
I found out in a not-so-pleasant way how you bluffed.
How you played
and how you faked.
It's as if I was stabbed.
And I had no choice but to walk away.
I never looked back.
It was it. The end of us.

I thought what I did was the right thing
Walking away and not looking back
but thoughts of you haunt me every night
and follows me through the day, every damn day.
The attempt to have a relationship failed.
One after the other.
It kind of occurred to me that I was finding "you" in them.
There was never you in them.
They will never be you.

You were a rare find.
An angel to my eyes.

Three years gone.
Looking up the sky, I told myself
that I would be okay.
Just like this.
Loving you deeply still. Even if no one else knows.
Even if you do not know.
Because for me, what matters is yesterday.
With you in it.
With your smile on it.


Ms. Chuniverse said...

nicely written. =)

Will said...

This is great. Ganda ng prose mo. Pero ang emo. resulta ba to ng pagiging bum. heheheh.

(naunahan ko si Clyde!!)

claudiopoi said...

nakakainis ka will! ikaw na ang walang ginagawa! haha. nabasa mo na ba? wehhhhh?

Will said...

oo , nabasa ko naaaa! hahaha.

slow ka lang talaga.

engel said...

eto yung kagabi noh? move on ka na carlo. di ka makakamove forward kung dala mo pa rin siya sayo.


Carlo said...

ms.chuni salamat po ;)

will at clyde wala na kayong ginawa kungdi magunahan sa pag comment. contest? haha

engel yup yan yung pinaguusapan natin. ;)

Sean said...

very nice. and sad :(

Rj Kodakero said...

perfect. poems pa current topic naman sa literature. :D maipasa nga to bilang assignment ko. LOLJK! XD

Carlo said...

sean - salamat sa pagdalaw at pagbasa.

RJ - kinopya ko lang din to sa seatmate ko. haha joke

my-so-called-Quest said...

wish i can say the same. after all we must concentrate on the happy times rather than the opposite ones. at the end of the day it's still love that will prevail.

Carlo said...

doc ced - so true! moving on doesnt require love to be stopped. ;)