Friday, February 18, 2011

Hey Mean Girl

How are you? I noticed you've changed. A lot, actually.

You've been flirting a little more than usual even when you're on a date.
Complaining about your job and how exhausting it is while others struggle to get one.
Breaking hearts here and there.
Forgiveness seems a very hard thing for you to give away lately.
It looks like money is all that matters to you now.
How you look, how people are gonna see you, what they're gonna say.
You smile when others compliment you.
You think about those things pretty much all the time.
Loud music, drinking on an empty stomach, dancing.
That's your thing, I get it.
It seems like a very nice escape.
Especially when you're covering something up - your loneliness.

But hey, mean girl, never forget who you are.
How many friends you have, how many people like you because you're just... you.
How simple and funny you are even without the expensive things you buy.
That's how you earned your friends. By being who you are.
And yes, you may have been played and fooled and hurt by some guys.
But never make that a reason to become evil and to hate.
There's someone out there.
You two just haven't met yet.
Keep that in mind.

You know what, you might want to take a break.
Look away from those blinding lights.
Stop being a Regina George, her hair color wouldn't match your skin tone.
Forget about that LV bag you want, and start paying your credit card down.
Turn the music volume down and listen to your friends.

Time to get your feet back on the ground, missy.


Rj Kodakero said...

paconvert ng hey mean guy. :)
mejo nakarelate ako sa ibang lines here and there. just what i need right now.

Mu[g]en said...

Glad your other side still makes an appeal. :)

Anonymous said...

i love this entry. ;)

Carlo said...

RJ kailangan talagang iconvert? hehe

Mugen yes it does :) sana magtuloy tuloy para um-okay

jepoy thanks!

jc said...

ano to ano to ano to? hmmmm...

Seth said...

I like this too ^^

Carlo said...

JC wala po. kausap ko lang minsan ang sarili ko hehe.

Seth salamat!

claudiopoi said...

wow. may ganitong side ka pala carlo? it's been a long time since i've been here.

mean girl talaga? i don't think akma yung name. i think it should be tamer. :)