Thursday, May 5, 2011

Survival MODE

Wilhelmina Slater (Editor-in-Chief of MODE Magazine) and Betty Suarez (the ex-assistant to Daniel Meade, just got recently promoted as Features Editor) having a conversation at the Meade Publications steam room.

Wilhelmina: Already enjoying the perks, I see?

Betty: Oh! Hello Wilhelmina. It's been uh, a rough day.

Wilhelmina: I hope you're not expecting a pep talk.

Betty: No, no, Oh God, no.

Wilhelmina: Good.

Betty: Uhm, being an editor, It's more complicated than I imagined.

Wilhelmina: Are we really gonna do this? Wake up and smell the aromatherapy, Betty. Being an assistant is bootcamp. Being an editor is war. You have your allies, you have your enemies. Oftentimes you can't tell which is which.

Betty: Sorta feels like I have more enemies than allies right now.

Wilhelmina: (Smiled and made a short chuckle) Yes you do. Oh and by the way, malaria? Really? Like I'd ever put disease written by poor people in the pages of this magazine.

Betty: How did you know about that?

Wilhelmina: I know everything.

Betty: Oh, (paused) how does one survive?

Wilhelmina: You look after yourself. If it means screwing over everyone else, so be it. (Stands up)

Betty: What if you're not that kind of a person?

Wilhelmina: Well then, you change. Or you'll be eaten alive.


Sean said...

Makes me wonder. Maybe I'll never be successful. I don't think I can stomach playing the politics.

ZaiZai said...

I love Ugly Betty and I remember seeing this. Wilhelmina might be a super bitch but she makes lots of sense :)

Rj Kodakero said...

i was born to be the boss. ;) hahaha

gillboard said...

what gives?

Mugen said...

Don't forget, there are different ways to survive. :)

Sean: Politics work if you have allies. But if your rival came first, then there's a problem with that.

Nimmy said...

I love Ugly Betty! Ang witty ng mga lines. :)

I don't agree that good guys finish last. Marami na akong nakabog na mga malditang specialists. Hahahaha