Monday, May 28, 2012


And you know what, I've always seen myself as Christina Yang. A self-absorbed workaholic bitch who always thinks that she's right. That she has to be right. Lives at the hospital to get the best cases and wouldn't settle for being second best. A strong person who seldomly cries and when she does, it's because she is in deep pain and sadness. And that happens almost next to never.

But I was wrong. I was Son-of-a-bitch wrong. 

Because today, I am Meredith Grey. Seriously? Seriously.

I am living in a McWorld with my own McDreamy in it. Here comes the McWife, (or should I say McBoyfriend) and everything gets McMessed up. There's this McDivorce goin on with the elevator thing and a whole lot of McLies.

And yes, just like that, everything that he says, I fall in love McFreakin over and over again.

Yes, I am Meredith Grey. And just like her, I know I am gonna get my own McHappy ending. My own Post-It wedding.

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rj said...

welcome back. :)

i wanna be like Yang rin and she's somewhat an inspiration pag tinatamad nako sa school... haha

but yeah, Meredith is okay rin... just don't give up kuya. :)