Friday, February 19, 2010

Love Works

Life has it's way of playing us. You see, each time that you get something done or straightened out, the bitch always finds a way to mess itself up. Many people also have written books about the "how to's" and about the "bitch" itself.

Some people say that you could do it. Adjust. Change. Choose this, that. Whatever.

Raise your hand if you already have asked for something to happen. Wished for someone to arrive. Prayed so hard to get something. Worked like a son of a bitch to achieve whatever it is you aimed for. You get one of these things, and the next thing you know, life is already throwing a trick on you.

Here's the deal, I've been praying and hoping for someone to come. Years, I've been patient. Cheesy as it may sound, but I've grown so much, learned a lot, got hurt and dusted myself off. Yes, my friend. Love, indeed. And it, somehow, came.

Here's another deal, there's this dream I've been always wanting to get. I've worked so hard for it, poured so much amount of heart into it, prioritized it, and lived it. Career has always been on the top of the list. It is almost in my reach.

And life said, "thou could only chooseth one."

So here I am now. Caught in the middle of two choices. Two decisions. One I've been fighting like hell to have, and the other one, I've been fighting like hell to get. Circumstances won't allow, and I could not have both.

Come on in. Splurge.

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