Saturday, January 9, 2010

Another Round


I never really am a fan of resolutions. I know I would not be able to follow them anyway. But here's the deal, I thought that it wouldn't necessarily mean that you're going to change something that you used to do. It can also be something that you want to start doing. So that's what i'm going to make a list of.

BLOG - Yeah. You see, I have been thinking about how to bust that damn stress off. Maybe I could try.

PHOTOGRAPHS - I've always been a fan. Also one way to relieve stress. (Am I really that stressful?)

SAVE - Surely I have had tried my very best to do so, millions of times before. Shopping is a real enemy. Everybody knows that.

PLACES - Subic and Tagaytay. Those are the only two places that I have visited (Aside from manila - where I work, and Bulacan - where I live). I don't wanna start thinking how big of a loser I look to be.

So there, I kept the list short to make it as believable as possible. It is indeed a new year for us. For most people it could be a brand new start, a new beginning. For some, the reset button has been, once again, pushed; and the hourglass turned around. Life simply goes on. And on.

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