Friday, January 15, 2010


See, Thursday is the last day of my work week (at least for the next three months), so that is also the day I could go anywhere before heading straight home. So yesterday, since it's a Thursday I decided to stay a while and eat out with friends, walk slowly, and not be pissed about anything rush. After the 20-minute MRT ride from Ayala to North Station, I thought about taking a look at some shoe stores in Trinoma, which I got a little surprised was not too crowded that day.

I headed to the tech area, which I always visit each time I go there, and hopped to the nearest escalator and went one level up. My next stop was at Powerbooks (which makes me question again why the hell there isn't a Fully Booked store in that mall) and checked if there's any new Mr. Coelho books I am not aware about.

Instead I saw a book, which picture is at the right side, and took it. I was like, "hmmmm." I was reminded about the author's very famous piece, Tuesdays with Morrie and the day that that book landed on my hands and when I started flipping on it's pages. Each chapter of Tuesdays with Morrie felt like an experienced person is reading it to me, or more like sharing his experiences with me. That's one magical piece.

Mitch Albom's latest book - Have a Little Faith - like his earlier work, is based on his own experiences. As I have already read it's first few chapters, it talks about two religious men from two different worlds, that has significantly made a huge impact on the author's life as he shares it with it's readers. His earlier work made me think about what is happening in and around me at some factors of life. This one will surely take care of the "some" that still need to be thought about.

Life needs not to be complicated much than it already is. Glad that there are some workpieces like this one, and craftsmen behind these beautiful works that did not hesitate about taking the time and effort in finding ways on how to extend the experiences that they've had.

As I enjoy my reading over a cup of black coffee.

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Teban said...

there is a fullybooked store ground floor of trinoma, it is a small store though. i am not sure what the name of the entrance, basta its below national bookstore. =)

i can show you one day.