Saturday, January 9, 2010


I wondered, "am I being productive enough?" The question just popped out of nowhere and I started to play things in my mind. I have a job that keeps me busy most of the time, I spend my rest days mostly at home to make up with the stress of the whole week and get back to work once it is over, and..... that's it! Geez, I never realized that things are getting so much into a routine. My brain should get rusty and dusty in no time.

Then I thought of, what about making a blog? Geez, that was super. lol.

With this one, I'll try my very best for my blog entries not to be dramatic, self-centered, mysterious, and annoying. Of course I have had my blog entries on multiply, and as I re-read them, I questioned myself, "was I drunk while making these entries?" lol.

Anything under the sun. Just to keep my mind working (cos I don't feel like it is, lately).

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